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In " Douche and Turd " Cartman easily gets Butters to vote for his idea of a "turd sandwich" simply by describing the candidates in a misleading way. Most of his crimes and misdeeds were, however, due to Cartman's manipulation and therefore most of these crimes should be branded as "unintentional" or "crime due to manipulation". Butters also showed some self-confidence in " The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs ", where he told the the boys that he wouldn't be tricked, and told them off by saying that they can "Suck on his wiener.

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Parker and Stone themselves literally went through every episode to find something that had never been done. This allowed Butters to gain more screen time and further develop his character. In " Christian Rock Hard ", for example, Butters solemnly says "Fuck you, Eric" to Cartman and farts on his face after his mental breakdown; in Butters Do It In The Butt Raisins ", Butters says "I'd rather be a crying little pussy than a faggy goth Girl Tied Sexmuch to Stan's surprise; and "At least we have assholes" to Bebe. Butters happily got his revenge by publicly showing a tape of Cartman dressed like Britney Spears trying to woo over a cardboard standee of Justin Timberlake. This has left Butters quite scarred, although this isn't immediately apparent. Plus, he didn't get grounded by his parents for becoming famous in a foreign country despite being gone for more than 2 weeks. Considering Stephen and Linda's possible problems controlling their anger, it is likely that " Jared Has Aides " was not the only time he was beaten.

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Sign up or log in with. In the earlier seasons, Butters seemed much more intelligent, and he also seemed to use inappropriate words more often, even saying when the girls challenged them to a sledding race "Us men will show those skanky hos who is who! In " Casa Bonita ", it is revealed that Butters enjoys going to Stark's Pond and he always hangs out there.

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He apparently gets beaten up for it afterwards, as in the next scene he is seen with a black eye and an arm in a sling. He is allowed back into the U. In the episode " Fatbeard " it was revealed that Cartman is the only person who still picks on him it is likely that the rest of the boys consider him a friend, for example, Kyle seems genuinely concerned about Butters' "pimping" and personality change in " Butters' Bottom Bitch ". He told Cartman that if he bullied, pranked, double crossed, or got Butters grounded once more, then Butters would show the videotape to all of South Park. He has also said that he kept his sphincter problem and the fact that he wears diapers to school a secret from everyone, except his parents, his doctor s and Cartman, who he told without knowing it was him.

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Butters Do It In The Butt

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In " Casa Bonita ", it is revealed that Butters enjoys going to Stark's Pond and he always hangs out there. In " Douche and Turd " Cartman easily gets Butters to vote for his idea of a "turd sandwich" simply by describing the candidates in a misleading way. Though possibly Butters' grandma was the source of psychological trauma as she was constantly hurting him physically and mentally. They did not get in trouble and walked away after the police were too happy that George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were convicted of the rape of Indiana Jones.

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