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Balkans and Caucasus Russian crossing of the Danube in June Russian conquest of Siberia — Location:

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Putin returned to the presidency following the presidential elections, and Medvedev was appointed Prime Minister. Defeat Treaties of Tilsit. Immanuel Kant and other fine people who lived there. Brezhnev was the second longest serving Soviet leader after Stalin. Military victory Political defeat Russian government forced to accept some Bashkir demands. High oil prices and initially weak currency followed by increasing domestic demandconsumption and investments has helped the economy grow for nine straight years.

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The attack was part of World War II. Eritrean War of Independence — It only made people want independence more. Russo-Georgian War Location:

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Soviet Socialist Republics, like Lithuania or like Russia itself, automatically acceded to independence when the Soviet state fell apart. Annexed as, or into, SSRs. A parliament legislative assembly —the State Duma —was created in after the Russian Revolution of , but the Tsar protested people trying to move from absolute to constitutional monarchy.

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