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Can You Have A Regular Period And Be Pregnant

NervousTeen  4 years ago. But last few weeks i can feel something moving, i thought it might be gas but it seems to be getting stronger and doesnt feel so much like gas but i am still getting negative tests. I had unprotected sex just before my period, and on the nights after I had come off, for the rest of the week.

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Ovulation - Understanding Ovulation to Get Pregnant. That is why I want to hear if anyone could tell me for sure answer to my question. I have always had irregular periods so I just wait and see what happens, if it happens at all. Experts think that this bleeding is from that part of the decidua that is not yet covered by the developing embryo and placenta. You have regular periods but you can't get pregnant?

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In case of pregnancy, the levels would be up and the test would be able to detect them. They swim in all directions across the slide, and there is no 'right way'. Thus what you experience is not normal but can happen.

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Can you have a normal period when pregnant?

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Can you be pregnant and still get your period?: Anal Hd

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Can you get pregnant while on your period and why? Should i keep baby or abort it? What are your thoughts on abortions?

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Can You Have A Regular Period And Be Pregnant

Can You Have A Regular Period And Be Pregnant: Tease and Denial

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Any body experienced anything similar or the same? The irregular bleeding or spotting that can occur during pregnancy is often a dark brown color or a light pinkish. Could be implantation bleeding or could just be one of those things that happen from time to time.

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